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MOV'IT ® has designed more than 1.700 applications until now. Check here if a Braking System for your car is already made.

MOV'IT Performance Braking Systems

Maximized brake force

The heart of all MOV’IT Performance braking systems  is the patented two-part caliper,  milled from high coated, high tensile pieces of airplane aluminum. The longish design of the caliper allows for a maximized disc size, and leads to increased stiffness and a bigger contact area of the pad. The vehicle specific and progressive piston arrangement allows for an exactly equal contact pressure. This results in an equal heat transfer, reduced system temperature and enhanced durability of all wear parts. 

Other important parts of the MOV’IT brake calipers are the MOV´IT® Crown system, and the MOV´IT® RAPAD-X system, which allows for a quick pad exchange, without having to remove the caliper from it’s fitting.