MOV'IT – High-Performance Brake Systems

For more than 15 years MOV'IT high-performance braking systems have been synonymous with innovative braking technology. In 1995, the braking system developed by Guido Frensemeyer for the Corvette C4 was introduced to the market for a wide range of car makes and models. This was the first time a MOV'IT braking system was available as a stand-alone tuning component.

The use of state-of-the-art materials, innovative engineering and the focus on function-oriented design, as well as the highest manufacturing quality made MOV'IT braking systems one of the most important components in every sports vehicle, but also for cars outside of the race track.

In 2007 the MOV'IT-CER™ GEN.1, a novel carbon-silicon-carbide brake disc, was integrated in a complete braking system and brought into standard series-production. The MOV´IT-CER™ GEN.1 offered greatly reduced weight and a significantly enhanced durability. The MOV´IT-CER™ GEN.1 started the famous MOV´IT™ product line of ceramic braking systems. This third generation of this high-tech braking system GEN.3 offers a performance that is 70 percent higher than similar products of conventional design.

MOV´IT is focussed on continuously improving steel and ceramic braking systems. Starting in 2013, MOV´IT offers a new line of forged callipers. Those are – not like others – forged from the same high strength aluminium which is used for the BILLET version offering unsurpassed stiffness.

At the same time, the new MOV´IT ENDURA pad compound was released. This compound offers two to three times longer lifetimes of both, rotors and pads.

In 2014, the yearlong developed and tested new material for steel rotors was released. This material greatly improves lifetime of the rotors and is far more resistant against cracking under high temperatures than other materials.

MOV´IT´s dedicated goal is to constantly improve its products and offer those to customers around the world.

In addition to Sport, Tuning and Security, the business sector “Special-OE” represents a further important part of MOV´IT expertise. The main focus here is the development of specific solutions for small series car manufacturers in a wide variety of market segments.

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