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MOV'IT CERAMIC Disc brake caliper

Our ceramic disc brake calipers are developed especially for use with our ceramic brake linings and ceramic brake discs. Weight-optimised, with a 3D surface cooling design, highest quality materials, progressive piston separation, open brake lining motion link, and an optimised lining hold system, they guarantee best results.

Advantages of our CERAMIC disc brake calipers

  • Highest possible stability
  • Maximal braking force
  • Evenly-distributed heat transmission
  • Evenly-distributed brake lining wear
  • Exact dose modulation
  • Optimised refrigeration
MOV'IT Bremssattel

MOV'IT CERAMIC Brake rotor

Conventional ceramic brake discs are produced in a cost-optimised procedure. Here, on a core of silicon carbide, which is strengthened by short carbon fibres, a friction coating with a thickness of about 0.5 mm is applied on both sides. This kind of production has a number of disadvantages: limited thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity and high susceptibility when it comes to mechanical strains that result in breakage of the brake disc.

When compared with brake discs of grey cast iron, we could perfect the elaborate production process CCF (Crossed Continuous Fibre) in many years of intensive research work. As a result, we have overcome the disadvantages of conventional ceramic brake discs and, at the same time, united the advantages of both materials.

For the production of the MOV´IT ceramic brake discs consistent acrylic fibres are laid over each other at 90° orientation and connected. Then, in various processes, these are converted to a carbon brake disc. Finally, the ceramic brake disc is finished in a high vacuum by the infiltration of silicon carbide. Optimal thermal conductivity, the highest possible stability against mechanical influences and a highly homogeneous material structure is attained with the CCF™ system, which, in addition to this, increases the burst speed by about 22%.

Advantages of our CERAMIC brake discs

  • Very high thermal capacity
  • Highest possible thermal conductivity
  • Homogeneous material structure (pressable ceramics)
  • Reduced system temperature
  • Absolute fading resistance

MOV'IT CERAMIC Brake linings

The MOV´IT-CER brake linings are developed especially for use in MOV´IT-CER ceramic braking systems.

Advantages of our CERAMIC brake linings

  • Enlarged friction surface (>115cm²)
  • Evenly-distributed heat dissipation
  • Low temperature
  • Higher stability
  • Higher service life

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