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MOVI'IT Braking Systems Safety

An application-focussed development is the foundation for a segment-specific high-performance braking system. The respectively required balance of weight, performance and durability is optimally united.

Thanks to the uncompromising material selection in the production, a highly unique product is created that corresponds with the varied demands of extreme automobile ranges.

  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Function

... are the most important properties of a MOV'IT braking system.

MOV'IT Safety Disc brake caliper

The foundation for the extremely strong braking force of the system is attained by highest torsion-resistant material. The progressive piston separation is an equally indispensable component of the braking force and plays a major role for uniform heat transmission across the lining on the disc.

Advantages of our SAFETY disc brake calipers:

  • Highest stability and maximal braking force due to a high-strength alloy
  • Evenly-distributed heat transmission and regular lining wear by means of progressive piston separation
  • Optimised refrigeration due to open brake lining motion link

MOV'IT Safety Brake rotor

The desired properties of heat receptiveness and thermal conductivity are particularly pronounced as regards the extreme fading resistance of the braking system, due to the reinforced wall thickness, the outer and inner form as well as the processing of the brake disc.

MOV'IT Safety Brake linings

However, the frequently neglected brake linings are the direct transmitter of the braking force. The interaction of lining and brake disc must result in the highest possible friction value and, at the same time guarantee durability and reliability, with the lowest possible wear. Whereat heat input, transfer and canalisation are of decisive importance.

Advantages of our SAFETY brake linings:

  • Enlarged friction surface
  • Evenly-distributed heat transmission
  • Lower system temperature
  • Higher service life
MOV'IT Safety Bremsbelag

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